7 reasons why you should book a mobile stylist

So you have heard of AIRHAIR but are still a bit nervous about booking a stylist. Well you shouldn’t be! We gathered the most common fears and busted them. Keep reading to find out why AIRHAIR is the brand you can trust

1. Professionals you can trust

Even though many of our providers are self employed, we take each individual through a strict interview and vetting process. As the client your safety is paramount so each stylist will have to complete a police check and provide references. They are all required to wear a uniform and carry a name badge which will match the details you receive after making a booking. All stylists sign our code of conduct and treat you and your home with the utmost respect.

2. Wide range of services

Working outside of a regular salon setting doesn’t reduce the range or quality if service. We offer everything from home colour application, haircuts for the youngest to oldest members of your family. Event or party styling. If you are worried about space or the logistics of a service you can send us an email or call our helpline where one of our advisors will walk you through the different processes.

3. Simple pricing

All of our prices are listed on the website and are confirmed before you book, this way you know exactly what to expect and there are no surprises or going over budget.

4. Offer children’s styling

Many salons are a child free zone, while this makes it a great escape, it can be difficult if you have young children and actually want to get their hair done too. Our stylists are safe to work with children* so can do their hair at the same time as your service if this works for you. Having their hair done at home often means they are calmer and styles are completed quicker or at least without any embarrassment if the decide to have a temper tantrum.

5. Beauty services

We also offer a full range of beauty services from waxing, makeup and nails. This is because the hair is only the foundation and we wanted you to feel truly pampered. These also make great gifts or treats for friends and family.

6. Comfort

Trying out a new salon can be daunting or there may be other reasons why this isn’t the most suitable or convenient location. Having your service carried out at home or location of your choice, allows you to be in full control. You can complete work or errands right up to your appointment time, or even just watch Netflix.

7. Flexible timing

Not everyone has a schedule that allows them to visit the salon. Maybe you work long shifts or nights, whatever the reason pick a time that suits you! Plus the fact the you don’t have to travel or wait in traffic also saves those precious minutes.

We love the flexibility of AIRHAIR and hope that you will too. Call us to book your next service or do it directly via our website.