Beyond the Hair

Now that you are fully acquainted with our mobile hair services, we want to introduce you to another branch of the AIRHAIR brand – mobile beauty services.

When we developed AIRHAIR, we envisaged a world where people could book hair stylists and have their appointments in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suited them. We quickly realised that we needn’t stop there.

I mean if you can get your hair coloured and cut at home what else can you do?

We now offer several beauty treatments and services. All are carried out at a location that suits you, at home, in the office or even a hotel if you are in town for a short time.

Each of our beauty therapists are fully qualified and have had a police check so you are safe with us.

Pick and choose from any of the services below:

Make up – parties, events or pamper evenings aren’t complete with a MUA who can transform you into the best you. Add a little highlight to your night (or day) and book here

Lashes – if a full face isn’t what you need or you want something a little longer lasting, book a lash extension. You can opt for individuals or strips to get the effect you want.

Brows – you don’t realise how important your brows are until you over pluck them and the go from twins to siblings then to strangers who have never met. Save yourself the heartache and book a pro who will keep you as symmetrical as possible.

Nails – Acrylics, Mani & Pedi – I hate get pedicures just for the simple fact that I have to leave the shop in sandals so I don’t smudge my freshly painted toes. By getting them done at home I no longer get anxiety about ruined nail varnish. Winning!

Waxing – whether you only remove excess body hair in the summer and just enough to be socially acceptable or you are on a strict schedule and panic at the 1st signs of regrowth, having a service at home beats visiting the salon. Last minute events are not a source of anxiety as you can always book a AIRHAIR therapist even if your regular salon is fully booked.

If there is a service you want that isn’t listed send us a message and we will find a mobile therapist to help fulfill your needs. We aim to please and know that once you try our services you will never want to go back. Give us a call to discuss your needs or if you are ready to book click here.