How to get the perfect colour at home

Hands up if you have ever used a home colour kit and had less than favourable results. We have all been there. You see the hottest celebrity on TV talking about how it it so easy and quick, so you rush out to the store and buy a box. Only when you apply it, the colour comes out patchy and looks nothing like the box, plus your hair ends up feeling super dry or damaged!

At AIRHAIR, we know how disheartening it can be to have a style idea and the outcome be the total opposite. That is why we have services dedicated to home hair colouring.

Step 1 – Choose your colour

Whether you are a colour virgin or veteran, choosing the right colour can be a difficult decision. If you have very dark hair, try not to go for the lighter shades as there is a lot more room for error. The same is true for the opposite and have very light hair but want to go dark. It is best to stay within 3-5 shades of your natural colour. Also try to see if your hair is warm (has gold or red undertones) or cool (blue, neutral or ash) and pick colours with similar wording.

Step 2 – Do a patch test

A small number of people can have a serious reaction to the ingredients in hair dye so it is very important that you do a test at least 48 hours before your appointment. Even if you have been using the same brand for a while, always do a test as you can develop an allergy at any time. There will be information inside the kit on how to do a test.

Step 3 – Book your AIRHAIR home colour kit service

Application is everything and that is what will make your home hair kit look like a super professional job. We have mobile stylists who will not only carry out the colour process for you, but can also style and cut your hair as well.

Step 4 – The day of your appointment

All of our stylists are fully qualified professionals who have had a police check. They will arrive in a AIRHAIR apron and have a name badge matching your booking details.

Your stylist will apply your chosen colour given you salon worthy results in the comfort of your own home.

Step 5 Enjoy your fabulous new hair

After your service you get to kick back and relax. You may even want to ask your stylist to take a few pictures before the leave (it is always a good time to change profile pictures). Remember to recommend us to your friends and family as we are certain they will want to know who did your hair.

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