Staying hydrated in winter

Winter time brings its own set of skincare woes. As the temperature plunges, we will add more layers, turn on the heating and often take less care of our skin. However it needs more attention now as it can easily get damaged.

We have put together a few tips to keep your skin blossoming and hydrated throughout the winter.

1. Use a heavy cream
Moisturiser is an essential part of every beauty regime. In the winter, opt for a heavy cream that will soak into the skin and keep it moist all day. The elements and heating will try to dry it out so make sure you lather up.

2. Drink more liquids

Dry skin is not only dehydrated but can be a sign of damage. Try to keep your water intake high but when you are in need of something warm, try a herbal tea which is also full of antioxidants and vitamins to keep you glowing from the inside out.

3. Mask and night cream

An evening cream and mask weekly will restore moisture and keep your skin supple. When paired with anti-oxidants to fight free radicals, it makes a perfect toner and base for moisturiser especially for those who suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema.

4. Sunscreen

Most people thank that just because it is cold, the sun is less dangerous. However even when it is cold you can still get damage, just ask anybody who skis. Always use at least SPF 30, anything less than that will not give you adequate protection.

5. Plant oils

Argan, coconut and olive oil are a few of the well know oils. while they won’t keep your skin hydrated alone, when used after a moisturiser, they will create a waterproof barrier and stop your skin from drying out. They can even be used if you have oily skin, just use one or two drop and apart from coconut, they are mostly non comedogenic so you won’t get pimples.

We love to hear your comments and feedback, share your winter skincare tips in the comments below.