The unlikely clients of a mobile hairdressers or beauty therapist

There are several reasons people opt for a mobile hair stylist over a visit to the local salon. Many people will see it as a premium or luxury service and for others it is the only way they can get there hair done. We wanted to give you some insight into a few types of people who rely on mobile stylists and hopefully change your perspective.

1. Parents

Many salons have a no child policy, this means unless you can arrange childcare, no root touch ups or trims. Having a stylist that can come to your home means that even if you have the children around you can still get your hair done. Most of our stylists of hair cuts for children as well.

2. The elderly

Either at home or in a residential facility, age is not a barrier for our services. Our stylists travel to any location that is suitable for you. If you run or manage a care facility and want to book on a regular basis please get in touch.

3. Disabled and low mobility

Illness can strike at any time, often small things like getting your hair done can be a great source of joy and sense of normalcy with everything else may be out of whack. Most salons are not always accessible for people with mobility issues. Also some behavioural conditions may make the salon environment difficult. Having a home service can relieve and tension or embarrassment.

4. New in town/ frequent flyer

Picking a stylist is serious business and no one should walk off the street into a random salon and trust just anyone with their hair.
All of our stylists are qualified professionals who come highly recommended. They are also very flexible and able to work to your schedule, whatever it may be.

5. Groups/ events

A night out or special occasion can be a nightmare to coordinate. Having a stylist(s) that can come to your location and glam you up will you chill and spend time with loved ones sounds too good to be true. This shouldn’t just be reserved for weddings but birthdays, new jobs and even bingo night.

Whatever your reasons, we can supply the best mobile stylists in Australia to take care of you and your hair in the comfort of your home. Book your service now